About Me

Ask most non-Germans how they came to be in Berlin and the answer usually follows the same pattern. They came on holiday, decided to stay, fell in love with a local...the relationship with the local ended and the relationship with the city began. That's what happened to me 10 years ago.

I came through Berlin on my post-uni European trip, which is basically a rite of passage for any British student. I got sucked in and never left. Berlin is a living, breathing entity and many a traveller have succumbed to its magnetic draw. The week I arrived here was the final week of the World Cup, in which Germany were the host nation. Whilst the weather was a scorching 35 degrees, the beers were both cool and cheap. The first weekend was the infamous Love Parade: a huge techno-fuelled parade through the city, which at its height saw one million people dancing in the street behind the Brandenburg Gate. The following weekend was St. Christopher's Street Day Parade. Gay pride in Europe's proud gay capital. It was the perfect storm. I didn't stand a chance.

At first I worked in a stockbrokers in the city's relatively small financial sector. Having studied Sociology at University, working in this industry was far from the perfect fit. A chance happening with a fellow Brit on a flight home one Christmas found me serendipitously side-stepping into the world of Tour-Guiding. A job that has meant I have been able to travel every winter for the last decade. I became a hunter of perpetual summer; adventuring through Cuba and Colombia, Australia and Argentina. Everywhere from Haiti to India. Yet always coming back to Berlin.

That's how my story began. I live in one of the most incredible cities in the world and although Berlin is rough around the edges, personally I think that's what attracts people. It certainly attracted me. This city pulls no punches, it doesn't pretend to be something it's not. It is unapologetic. It is raw. It is in a constant state of evolution; which I feel lucky to not only observe but also be part of.

Berlin has well and truly got me. And I would like to show you why.